Jacob Lee Uhland >>
The North Face - Asia Pacific

Big Powder did an excellent job managing logistics both on mountain and base area during the Subaru Freesking World Tour 2010. This is never an easy task at ski resorts where weather is unpredictable and conditions can be harsh and unrelenting.

Josh Daiek >>
FWT Champion 2011

Josh Daiek, I am a professional skier and currently hold the title as Freeskiing World Tour Champion. Needless to say I have been competing for many years. In the past two years I have been lucky enough to compete in multiple events put on by Manuel Uranga and Big Powder. Their staff is clean, efficient and very professional. In my opinion they have put together some of the most fun and entertaining ski comps in production.

Martin Avola >>
Marketing - Red Bull Argentina

I have had the pleasure to put together with Big Powder one of our most successful events platforms in the region. Red Bull Beyond the Line is one of our key asset to push the freeskiing scene further locally and give local riders the opportunity to get into northern hemisphere radar. For sure Manu has been the right leader combining a strong personality, deep knowledge, a team player and a big passion for the mountain.

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